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Doing our bit for the environment.

South Africa's coal reserves, even though vast, will eventually run out. Coal pollutes and the logistics around transporting it, destroys our road infrastructure.

The only sustainable alternatives to coal as an energy source in South Africa, is nuclear and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Nuclear is expensive and takes long to realise, while wind and solar can be implemented in under a year and is cheap by comparison.

Since 2014, Reliable Transformers has participated in many projects in which we were engaged in the manufacture and supply of components for the renewable energy sector.

We started out by manufacturing auxiliary transformers for a number of solar and wind farms and quickly moved on to power transformers.

In 2015 we were awarded a contract to manufacture and supply all the power transformers for an 86 Mega Watt solar plant in Prieska in the Northern Cape province.

The Prieska plant was commissioned during the first half of 2016 and today, more than 2 years later, all 40 transformers in the plant are still running perfectly. Since the commissioning of this, our first large solar project, Reliable Transformers has designed and manufactured transformers for a number of solar pv projects throughout South Africa and the SADC region.

We are currently engaged in the manufacture of power transformers for three 86 Mega Watt plants locally in South Africa and another in Malaysia.

Our more than 37 years experience in the manufacture of specialised transformers, in Africa, for African conditions, makes Reliable Transformers the only choice in solar and wind converter transformers.

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